The Next Generation of Self-Build Stands

If you’re looking for a stunning solution that meets your budget requirements, is easy to store, fits in your car and doesn’t need tools, then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you start with a standalone lightbox, one of our amazing kits, or build a custom self-build exhibition system to meet your particular needs; we have a stand for you.

Join the countless businesses that are making an impact with PIXLIP GO and start building your lightbox system today.

PIXLIP GO Lightbox Benefits:

  • BRAND NOTICED: Draw attention wherever you display your PIXLIP GO lightbox
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Change your graphics whenever you need to change your message
  • DURABLE: Built from high-quality materials to assure a long-lasting stand design.
  • SUSTAINABLE: Constructed from impact-resistant and recycled materials.
  • RECONFIGURABLE: Use individually lightboxes or linked them as part of a bigger self-build system.
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED: Simply push fit the frame together, connect the LEDs, insert the fabric and plug it in – job done!

How Can We Help?

    Rarely has a product lived up to its billing more spectacularly!
    Total Connections
    The lightbox is eye-catching and really gives great standout for graphics.
    COLAS Ltd
    We would highly recommend for businesses that need to stand out from the crowd!
    Dentons Digital