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3 Popular Myths That Come with Modular Stands – And Why They’re Wrong!

There are many rumours that go around the exhibition hall that modular stands aren’t not as good as their bespoke exhibition stand counterparts. Especially when you see a company that has taken the leap to use a modular stand – normally this is just jealousy as their stand looks just as good! We are going to tell you that some of these myths are wrong and why you need to invest in modular stands!

Modular Stands Easily Break

It has been long thought that because of the simple design of a modular stand, it must mean that they break easily. However, we can confirm that this is not the case. Here atPixlip Go we build our stands using recycled, impact-resistant ABS plastic which are known to be impact-resistant. We also offer a lifetime guarantee – so are even more certain your stands will not just break!

Modular Stands AKA Pop Up Stands

Many people believe that modular stands and pop stands go hand in hand, and they are the same product – but this is just not true!

Pop-up stands are very much a simple structure that have their own limitations such as being quite easily damaged (see what we did there?), the only big factor you can’t change is the size, but even though the size maybe bigger the design is the same.

Whereas, with a modular stand you can choose what size you need the stand to be. For example, you can choose from cube or a cuboid – integrating both sizes together can create endless possibilities which can make your exhibit stand out of the crowd.

Modular Stands Look the Same

Something that everyone in the exhibit world hears all the time, but as mentioned previously there are endless possibilities in how these stands can look, especially if you have a lot of individual stands. Pixlip Go lightboxes can make your exhibit stand out over your competitors thanks to the high impact LEDs that illuminate your brand.

Now that we have corrected some of you regarding the myths that surround modular stands, why don’t you head over to our site and look at the products we have on offer and make sure you contact a sales agent today to learn more about how our lightboxes can improve your stands presence at your next exhibit appearance.