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Stand-On Event Flooring

Introducing the next-generation event flooring system. 

Give your venue the edge over competitors and your customers something new and exciting. Stand-on event flooring, exclusively from Clip offers you the chance to have a totally bespoke floor for every event, wedding and party you organise. 

From high gloss finishes to fully printed options, your customers can truly customise this system to meet their requirements. They can have the floor represent the beach they are having their honeymoon on, their initials or even just a floral pattern to fit in with the rest of the decoration.

For you, once you have the system you can rent it to your customers as part of your packages or as an extra, giving you a new revenue stream and a differentiator when comparing venues.

No Tools Required

Lightweight, portable and easy to put together without any tools!

Cost effective

Prices start from £895 for a 3m x 2m event floor!

Fits All Spaces

Stand-on event flooring tiles can expand modularly to fit any space!

How Does The System Work?

Easy to install, without tools, and compact for transport and storage, place the tiles together and attach them with the connector.

The tiles are self-supporting, so the appearance will always be sleek and beautiful! Just like bricks, the tiles are stacked, preventing them from sliding. 

Lightweight and compact, the tiles take up minimal space, so storage between uses is simple, making them an cost-effective rental solution for venues looking to make maximum impact with their events. 

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    Covid-19 Update: We’re here when you need us.

    With the impact of Covid-19 continuing to be felt worldwide, we wanted to update you on how the team at Clip are currently navigating these unchartered waters.
    The health and wellbeing of our colleagues and clients have always been and continue to be, our top priority, and we have adapted the way we work to ensure we can continue to be here when you need us.

    We now have a dedicated team of accredited staff members who have completed Covid-19 courses. They will be implementing what they have learned in our office and factory, and also with our stand project build procedures to ensure everyone’s safety when things get back normal, helping us work with confidence and operate safely.

    As an active ESSA member, along with our whole industry, we are working hard to ensure organised events can take place as soon as possible. If we can support you in any way to help your business maximise the benefits of organised events please feel free to browse our site or just contact us.

    In the meantime, with a large number of shows rescheduled for later this year, we are already looking at a busy final few months of 2020, and we’ll be in touch with our existing clients and partners over the coming weeks to start planning.

    Stay safe,
    The Team at Clip