Distract PIXLIPGO lightbox


About Distract

As well as Distract being an award-winning agency, and one of the fastest growing in the East Midlands, the firm is known for their high-performing and innovative campaigns.

These all utilise online marketing channels including, but not limited to, search engine advertising and social media marketing/advertising.

The Brief

The B2B Marketing Expo was the first national expo that Distract were to take part in. Previously having taken part in regional and local expos –  the PIXLIPGO stands Distract had for those shows really worked with the crowds as it was different from the usual stands consisting of a roller banner with a table plonked in front of it!

Distract wanted to keep their mind open: they were mostly going after brand awareness: and had a speaking area opposite the main stand that meant that they could give away value, and educate the audience with what they do.

They also wanted to go ‘all out’: to give this show their best shot, so they were happy to invest. They’d used PIXLIPGO lightboxes previously, and loved how easy they are to setup, and how durable they are: they’ve used them at multiple events since in a range of configurations (along with different fabrics on some occasions).

The Solution

PIXLIPGO by Clip supplied two 300 x 250 PIXLIPGO lightboxes to drive awareness of the Distract brand in a competitive B2B marketing show.

Customer Says:

“We were all so pleased with our stand at the attention it received at the show: the lighting provided by the PixlipGo kit really drew people to our stand, with many people then taking a seat at the speaking area, which was perfect. Marketing managers that visited our stand are now getting in touch with us regularly as new projects arise within their companies – which is brilliant! The stand really stood out amongst our competitors, many of whom had a simple shell scheme stand with printed back walls, which I don’t believe is very enticing!

I wasn’t on the stand all day, but at least 5 people came up to me during the show to ask where we ordered our stand from: it’s a fantastic piece of kit that is perfect for getting a brand across, especially in busy event halls!”

Bradley McKenny, Operations Director, Distract