Elizabeth Shaw | Case Study | PIXLIP GO by Clip
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Elizabeth Shaw

About Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw is a Bristol-based company that markets chocolate-based confectionery, including the brands Famous Names Chocolate Liqueurs, Elizabeth Shaw after dinner Mint Crisp and newly launched luxury biscuits.

The Brief

Attending ISM, the global trade show for sweets and snacks, in Cologne, it was really important to Elizabeth Shaw to display a strong brand evolution to former partners and customers, and to appear contemporary, professional and eye catching to new prospects. Especially having not been in attendance at ISM for ten years.

Their main exhibition objective was to generate leads for their export business and attract new distributors from across the globe. Therefore, it was imperative that visitors felt drawn to the stand, where Elizabeth Shaw could strike up a conversation easily. It was also important for Elizabeth Shaw to achieve ‘cut through’ in a very busy arena.

They didn’t have a particularly large stand space, so it needed to work hard for them.

The Solution

Powered by extremely bright LED modules with special optics that distribute light uniformly over the surface, the world’s first freestanding, backlit display stand made of impact-resistant, recycled material – PIXLIP GO by Clip, proved to be the ideal solution to achieve Elizabeth Shaw’s exhibition objectives.

Clip supplied one 3m x 2.25m PIXLIP GO lightbox, two 2m x 2.25m PIXLIP GO lightbox, and two 1m x 2.25m PIXLIP GO lightboxes to drive awareness of the Elizabeth Shaw brand at the busy sweet and snack trade fair.

The Result

Elizabeth Shaw were thrilled with the attention their stand received. It became obvious that without the eye-catching designs of the backlit display stands, they would have needed to work a lot harder to get prospects to their stand.

Watching visitors moving up and down the aisle, the stand continuously turned heads (and not just because Elizabeth Shaw were sampling chocolate!)

Customer Says:

“We received so many compliments from visitors and prospects, as well as many fellow exhibitors. We massively exceeded our lead targets meaning the PIXLIP GO stand was fantastic value for money. We are now re-purposing it on a nationwide shopping centre sampling campaign.”

Elizabeth Shaw