Vooba | Case Study | PIXLIP GO by Clip
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About Vooba

Vooba is a trusted digital marketing agency that provides their clients with high quality marketing campaigns, to help drive traffic and conversions.

The Brief

Vooba had recently re-branded from PPC Stars in the New Year. So, although their goal at B2B Marketing Expo 2019 was mainly lead generation, they also wanted to make an impact with our new re-brand.

The Solution

PIXLIP GO by Clip supplied a 300 x 225 PIXLIP GO lightbox to drive awareness for the Vooba brand in a competitive B2B marketing show.

Customer Says:

We were really pleased with the attention the stand received. We don’t tend to have ‘freebies’ on our stand as we want to attract quality over quantity, but the stand really made an impact to the right people. Our bright colours look great and thePixlip Go stand showed off our brand to maximum effect.

It shows to potential clients that we do not just talk about getting their businesses seen by their ideal prospects; we lead by example, which creates immediate trust and authority. Pixlip Go allowed us to do just that.”

Katie Lamond, Business Development Manager, Vooba