Three Amazing Ways To Use Your PIXLIPGO Light Box

Three Amazing Ways to Use Your PIXLIPGO Lightbox

One of the joys of choosing a PIXLIPGO lightbox is its versatility. Whether selected as a stand out display unit or as part of a modular system, there are many ways to use a PIXLIPGO lightbox. Here are some ways our customers utilise the next-generation display system:


Within a busy exhibition hall, PIXLIPGO thrives. Creating immediate impact for your exhibition or trade show stand, you can make sure that PIXLIPGO will get your brand noticed.

PIXLIPGO lightboxes can be used individually or linked as part of a bigger self-build system, making them an excellent choice for a re-usable exhibition solution. Whatever your stand requirements, there is a PIXLIPGO system to fit your needs.

However, don’t just take our word for it!

“We received so many compliments from visitors and prospects, as well as many fellow exhibitors. We massively exceeded our lead targets meaning the PIXLIPGO stand was fantastic value for money. We are now re-purposing it on a nationwide shopping centre sampling campaign.”

Elizabeth Shaw – ISM Cologne

Office Spaces & Reception Rooms

When meeting prospective customers, or hosting suppliers, first impressions count. Create an immediate impact, and put your company in the best light, with a PIXLIPGO stand displayed proudly in your reception room.

Away from the office, PIXLIPGO lightboxes can be an effective medium to communicate important information about your hotel, restaurant or showroom. For example, for the price of a roll-up, you can change your PIXLIPGO graphics whenever you need to change your message, essential for promoting particular offers, special menus or featured products.


An innovative and stunning way to showcase your brand’s products, using a high impact, backlit LED display as a backdrop will help to draw attention to your range, and make sure that you catch the eye of passers-by and those browsing your store.

PIXLIPGO is particularly effective in shop windows, ether within a backlit display wall or as an individual light box, bringing a uniqueness that can help your store stand out within a crowded high street.

Easy to assemble, with no tools involved, PIXLIPGO stands can be setup in a matter of minutes, by anyone! And, PIXLIPGO lightboxes are easy to pack away and store.

These are just three ways that you can utilise PIXLIPGO to illuminate your brand, however, the applications are truly endless. PIXLIPGO is a lightbox that demands attention, wherever you show it. Whatever your requirement for a PIXLIPGO lightbox, we’re here to make it happen.

Whether you require an individual lightbox or a more bespoke display system – you can count on us to help.

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