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3 Reasons To Choose PIXLIP GO Over Pull-Up Displays

There are many reasons as to why exhibitors should be choosing Pixlip Go over the standard pull-up display. For one, the display is much more eye-catching, and the illumination can make your brand stand out. It is also much more of a durable product than its predecessors.

Here are just three of the many reasons to choose Pixlip Go over your standard pull up display:


A huge part of the Pixlip Go display stand is the brightness that demands attention. When exhibitors display their Pixlip Go display they are drawing attention to their stand with the integrated, highly efficient PIXLIP LED lights, this along with attractive marketing materials can make a stand outperform other exhibitors and more importantly your competition.



Unlike pull-up displays the Pixlip Go can be used in different environments and still attract customers and not look out of place within these areas. It is also beneficial for companies thanks to its easily replaceable marketing messaging. The lightboxes are also made from recycled materials which are impact resistant which means it is even reusable and eco-friendly.



A massive benefit of the Pixlip Go is all the possibilities that it can offer a company. Depending on how many stands your company has, you can organise your stands into many different shapes and sizes. Along with its easy setup, the frames can be combined and connected with each other.

The only downside to a company that has multiple stands is that you may eventually run out of space on your exhibition stand to position all your units!



Now you know the benefits of using Pixlip Go over your standard pull up display, why don’t you head over to our site and look at the products we have on offer and make sure you contact a sales agent today to learn more about how our lightboxes can improve your stands presence at your next exhibit appearance.

Covid-19 Update: We’re here when you need us.

With the impact of Covid-19 continuing to be felt worldwide, we wanted to update you on how the team at Clip are currently navigating these unchartered waters.
The health and wellbeing of our colleagues and clients have always been and continue to be, our top priority, and we have adapted the way we work to ensure we can continue to be here when you need us.

We now have a dedicated team of accredited staff members who have completed Covid-19 courses. They will be implementing what they have learned in our office and factory, and also with our stand project build procedures to ensure everyone’s safety when things get back normal, helping us work with confidence and operate safely.

As an active ESSA member, along with our whole industry, we are working hard to ensure organised events can take place as soon as possible. If we can support you in any way to help your business maximise the benefits of organised events please feel free to browse our site or just contact us.

In the meantime, with a large number of shows rescheduled for later this year, we are already looking at a busy final few months of 2020, and we’ll be in touch with our existing clients and partners over the coming weeks to start planning.

Stay safe,
The Team at Clip