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How To Stand Out With Your Display Stand

Exhibiting is a big investment in money and time. So, it’s important that you have to put all your effort into making sure that your event is a smash hit!

With over 40 years experience providing award-winning exhibition services, we recognise the best practices that can distinguish any brand from their competitors. The key is rethinking your exhibition stand design to create a display stand that will catch your audience’s attention, but how can you do this?

Make an impact with your message

Your trade show booth is a chance for you to have a branded space and bring your brand to life. Make the most of it by using custom graphics specific your event, display stands and wall art to stand out.

Customers will remember your stand if they feel an emotional connection with your brand. So it’s important to use your stand branding to connect with your audience. 

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Stand

Illuminate your brand

An effective way to increase attention is to illuminate your brand with lightboxes. The use of light will enrich all the colours of your stand and will catch the eye.

When it comes to designing a show-stopping display stand, you need to make sure all eyes are on the message that you want to give. 

With individually printed graphics, it could not be easier to create new displays with PIXLIPGO. So, you can rest assured that when your messaging changes, your exhibition stand can change right along with it. 

Use reconfigurable display stands

If you attend multiple shows a year, buying a reconfigurable, portable exhibition stand is an ideal option! PIXLIP GO lightboxes can be used individually or as part of a larger system. With PIXLIP GO’s unique display system you can transport your display stand kit anywhere you want, in the back of your car!

This also means that you can reconfigure your exhibition stand for each day of the show, to make sure that your stand is in the optimum position to attract the eye of passers-by with its innovative LED lighting. 

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